Client R

“I had tried counselling before but had never been able to free myself from the darkness inside of me. I always knew there was a good man inside me, I knew who I wanted to be but I had no means of ever finding the path to get there. Having to talk about my childhood was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. To sit there and openly discuss behaviours that had plagued me my whole life was so difficult. I had tried before but wasn’t able to make it work, it was too difficult and I was too ashamed.
Karen has a golden glowing energy about her. From the first time, I met her I felt so comfortable and at peace. Her office became like a home, it offered me safety and peace.
The thing about Karen is that she cares, genuinely. There’s never a glance at the clock or a sudden stop when the hour is over. Her compassion and gift to listen and empathise have given me the tools to change my life. I never felt guilty, ashamed or embarrassed when I was with Karen.
Before I met Karen, I hated myself, my life and everything around me. I didn’t feel like I deserved to be happy. Karen taught me to forgive myself and to forgive people from my past. I learned to rewire the way I think and to know that it is in my power to be whoever I wanted to be.
For the last 38 years I felt like I was merely existing, but now I feel freer than ever before. I will never be able to thank Karen enough.”

Client C

I did’nt know if anyone could help me. I was feeling angry and upset every day and did’nt know how to change my feelings. My Mum found Karen through a recommendation and I knew after my first session that she understood me and that I could trust her. After 4 more sessions my anger is almost gone (I’m not quite ready to give it all up) and it rarely comes in my mind. I don’t know exactly what Karen did, but I know she offered me a safe place, guidance and support and a different way of thinking. Thank you Karen.

Client A

I have found the session with Karen to have been very beneficial. I didn’t really know what to expect having had no prior experience of hypnotherapy but Karen’s warm, caring style eased any fears very quickly. At no point did I feel out of control or vulnerable, I felt relaxed and most importantly confident that Karen placed the same level of importance on the issue I was describing as I did. The results have been very rapid and I’m very glad that I took the step I did.

Client N

Just wanted to drop you a line, to say I’m continuing to keep my perky head above water.  The time I spent with you, seems to have enabled me to exhume a lot of the negative feelings & anger I’d been carrying around, so now can just get on with the present & the future. I’m no longer dwelling on the past. So once again wanted to say I appreciate your help & for listening to my verbal vomiting!!

Client H

“I started having counselling sessions with Karen because I was in a relationship that had led to anxiety and depression that meant on many days I couldn’t face leaving the house or talking to anyone.  It had been bad enough for long enough that I knew I needed to seek some help to overcome it.

I worked with Karen for over two years as that’s the time it took me to reach the point where I had had moved my life and way of thinking on to a place where I could cope, trust my own judgement again, enjoy the things I used to enjoy and ultimately, decide to end the relationship.

It’s difficult to find the words to explain all the ways Karen helped me.  Therapy is a personal experience and will be different for everyone, but I cannot thank her enough for her kindness, warmth, skill, gentle humour and for asking some probing and challenging questions, but never pushing me when I didn’t yet have the answer.  The best way to sum it up would be to say that when I went to her, I was stuck in a tiny box, knowing that I was missing life, but really not sure I could get out.  Now I’m back in the world, living.”

Client P

“Karen was a pleasure to meet with. Her attitude was extremely positive and encouraging.Working with Karen has cleared some issues which had been terribly limiting and I am continuing to notice improvements everyday. The therapy was very personal and I always felt clearly understood and in control of my own goals. I have also learnt some interesting things and would thoroughly recommend”.

Client D

“Just thought you’d like to know that my presentation went well, to nearly 70 people in the end. No notes and some good feedback too. Had a few negative demons in the morning of the meeting but with your help I knew how to squash them so thanks for everything. I can’t say I will ever enjoy presenting or will look forward to it, but at least I now know I can do it……….!

Thanks again

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