When Paths Cross

A Personal Journey Exploring Spiritual Awareness In The Person Centred Counselling Relationship

The transcendent, the indescribable, the spiritual” (Rogers 1980a pp.130)

My research gave me the opportunity to explore my fascination and passion in endeavouring to understand how people relate or connect with each other. How we interact, how relationships build, how trust within specifically a person centred relationship evolves and what happens between counsellor and client that enables mutual meeting at a deeper relational depth. Those special moments in sessions when a unique connection is present in the counselling room that creates a feeling of transcendence…….read the full article

All Change! Negotiating Life Transitions

Summer is nearly over, the children are back to school, college or university. They may be even leaving home to out into the big wide world of business starting new careers. So where does that leave you? How does that make you feel? Are you aware of what is often called The Empty Nest Syndrome. Maybe feeling unsettled and possibly sad.

What I have described is …….. read the full article

The Power of Positive Thinking

Strangely enough, human beings have a great capacity and tendency to hang on to negative rather than positive thoughts. The weather for example, how often do we all moan about the British climate being too cold. too wet, too hot etc, but what benefits are there to negative thinking? Dwelling on the negative aspects of life and comparing one’s own failing with others can lead to feeling discouraged and depressed.

It can also……. read the full article

Recession & the Aftermath

Sounds dramatic and for some the effects of the current economic situation will hae possibly life altering consequences on both a financial and psychological level   Read the full article…….

Christmas – A Season to be Jolly?

Christmas for many is the most expensive time of the year which causes stress and anxiety even when financial times are good. With the ongoing global credit crunch the expectations and pressures leading up to the festive season can be difficult to manage…….read the full article

The Pursuit of Happiness

Life continually brings challenges so how can happiness be maintained amidst life’s demands?

You don’t find happiness, you make happiness, it is a pro active process. Achieving happiness is a …… the full article

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