Client R

“I had tried counselling before but had never been able to free myself from the darkness inside of me. I always knew there was a good man inside me, I knew who I wanted to be but I had no means of ever finding the path to get there. Having to talk about my childhood was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. To sit there and openly discuss behaviours that had plagued me my whole life was so difficult. I had tried before but wasn’t able to make it work, it was too difficult and I was too ashamed.
Karen has a golden glowing energy about her. From the first time, I met her I felt so comfortable and at peace. Her office became like a home, it offered me safety and peace.
The thing about Karen is that she cares, genuinely. There’s never a glance at the clock or a sudden stop when the hour is over. Her compassion and gift to listen and empathise have given me the tools to change my life. I never felt guilty, ashamed or embarrassed when I was with Karen.
Before I met Karen, I hated myself, my life and everything around me. I didn’t feel like I deserved to be happy. Karen taught me to forgive myself and to forgive people from my past. I learned to rewire the way I think and to know that it is in my power to be whoever I wanted to be.
For the last 38 years I felt like I was merely existing, but now I feel freer than ever before. I will never be able to thank Karen enough.”

Client D

“I started seeing Karen because life felt very difficult . I couldn’t even tell you why, but life seemed too much to deal with, and I didn’t want it to be. It is hard to explain what has changed, or how, just that now life doesn’t feel so impossible. There wasn’t a magic cure, Karen just helped me to develop the skills and confidence to believe in myself and change the way I was thinking. Now it feels like there are things to look forward to and be excited by, I have started to live, rather than just exist.”

Client S

Hi Karen, thank you this is really helpful ( an exercise I sent my client on the day of her exam). I used it before my C1 exam. I really appreciate you sending this. I used the spinning wheel technique and the havening technique before and during the C1 exam. Both techniques made my panicking subside, and the paper went well! I really appreciate your help. I could not have done well on that paper without your guidance. Many Thanks.

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