I am here to help if you are looking for support and someone to talk to. I offer safe, caring and confidential counselling space to talk about things that are troubling you and help you to become happier and more peaceful in your day to day life.

How Counselling Can Help

Sometimes we just need the space to talk through difficulties and issues that are so hard to cope with. Counselling offers a confidential, private and safe space, just for us – to talk through our difficulties with someone who is empathetic and non-judgemental and who is willing to hear our story and help.

Talking things through can be helpful to release bottled up emotions. Counselling is about giving voice to our situation so that we can help to understand, unravel and release problems, working them through to find a point of resolution or acceptance. We can also become happier with ourselves, learn to nurture ourselves and grow in confidence, gaining tools and strategies to tackle our lives successfully and enjoy life again.
These are just some reasons to seek counselling:
When life feels impossible
To Increase Self Awareness, self- acceptance and inner peace
Improvement in Self Esteem and Confidence
Make constructive decisions and life choices
Change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving
Remove creative and emotional blocks
Stress and Anxiety
Relationship Issues
What to Expect
We can explore situations, thoughts and feelings that are making life difficult. There is no pressure to say anything that feels uncomfortable and I always work at a client’s own pace – exploring what is happening now, but perhaps also reflecting on what has happened in the past as well as how to move forward for the future. Counselling sessions last for 60 minutes and I always allow plenty of time for reflection but also time to leave the session with tools and insights to help.

Please click here to contact me and arrange a session.

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