Client H

“I started having counselling sessions with Karen because I was in a relationship that had led to anxiety and depression that meant on many days I couldn’t face leaving the house or talking to anyone.  It had been bad enough for long enough that I knew I needed to seek some help to overcome it.

I worked with Karen for over two years as that’s the time it took me to reach the point where I had had moved my life and way of thinking on to a place where I could cope, trust my own judgement again, enjoy the things I used to enjoy and ultimately, decide to end the relationship.

It’s difficult to find the words to explain all the ways Karen helped me.  Therapy is a personal experience and will be different for everyone, but I cannot thank her enough for her kindness, warmth, skill, gentle humour and for asking some probing and challenging questions, but never pushing me when I didn’t yet have the answer.  The best way to sum it up would be to say that when I went to her, I was stuck in a tiny box, knowing that I was missing life, but really not sure I could get out.  Now I’m back in the world, living.”